Vice President for Welfare and Equality

Hi, my name is Taidgh Kavanagh and I was recently elected as your first ever Welfare and Equality officer. The reason I decided to run for the role was due to my sheer enthusiasm for wanting to help people and trying my best to make a difference however large or small it may be.

Social inclusion and mental health are two terms that mean a lot to me for various reasons and over the coming year I plan to be heavily involved with the work that revolves around them.
For any students looking for any help on a welfare basis I would like to highlight that my door will always be open and I will always do my best to meet your needs. Your issues and problems will never be swept under the rug with me.

Issues that I will be looking after this year fall under: SUSI, SAF, mental health issues, referring counselling services and many more welfare related issues. If you feel you may have a problem that falls under my care or are not sure if it does or not, please feel free to contact me either online or in my office and I will be happy to assist you in whatever way I can!

Taidgh Kavanagh
Vice President for Welfare and Equality, DKITSU

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