Vice President for Student Engagement

My name is Christopher (“Chacho”) O’Neill and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to DkIT and also to thank all returning students for re-electing me as your Vice President for Student Engagement for the academic year 2020/2021. I feel privileged to be able to represent you all and will do it with honesty throughout the year, I plan to engage every student in every building on campus. I hope to make the SU a welcoming place for all. I hope to build on relationships that were formed last year and to form new ones! I want to better the year we had last year with a diverse range of events and campaigns!

My role consists of two categories, Entertainment and Education.

In regard to entertainment, I plan to continue enjoyable nights out, but I also host events that targets as many students as possible. I hope to have various events throughout the campus also to build to the atmosphere of the college. Our main objective is to try and engage as many students with our union and the college in general and we feel like we can do this through hosting different events on and off campus throughout the year.

On the education side to things, I plan to make every effort to contribute to the development of educational policy locally. To recruit and provide training for student representatives and also to organise and oversee SRC meetings. To represent students alongside the president on academic council, providing information with the relevant internal authorities where possible.

We as the Students’ Union work on behalf of you, our students and I will ensure to do this to the best of my ability and look forward to doing so! This is your union, your voice! We welcome all inputs and our door is always open.

This academic year will be deterrent to most. I hope to represent every student post covid-19 to the best of my ability! If you need me my e-mail is:

I look forward to seeing you all, whether it be online or on campus!

Christopher (“Chacho”) O’Neill, Vice President for Student Engagement, DKITSU

M: 089 4020282 | E:



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