Vice President for Student Engagement

Hi all, my name is Caitlin Connor your new Vice President for Engagement here at your student’s union. I’d like to welcome you all with big open arms to the upcoming academic year 2021/2022, looking forward to chatting to you all once were back on campus. When a student here I studied Business and Management which has played a huge role in current position here at your student’s union. As cherishing and challenging the last year was being your VP for Welfare and Equality, I have high hopes this year will be the return of our student’s to campus, events and socializing outside of zoom.

A virtually hectic year it’s been for all of us, a climate we did not sign up for as student life as never been more disrupted. Not to worry though, as I fully intend to make your academic year 2021/2022 the most memorable yet. Events will be bigger and better, alongside enhancing your educational experience as a student here at DkIT is at my key focus. We intend to run academic campaigns entailing how you can re-adapt to your life back on campus, continuing to provide high standard class rep training and overall doing our utmost best to improve your educational experience.

We’re aiming to host events weekly for our student body, given our student’s haven’t had much of a chance to interact or engage with one another, we will without a doubt make up for it throughout the year. No event will be ran without some form of input from a student body surrounding what events/campaigns they’d wish to attend. Our student body will forever hold all the say, we will conduct surveys/polls etc in order to determine what event/campaigns we run for our fantastic students here at DkIT.

Hope to see you all soon, and make sure to follow my direct role Instagram handles / @dkitsuengagement. I aim to keep the Instagram as updated daily and also incorporate some level of craic so I’ll do some Q&A’s, polls and just general chats. Be sure to contact me directly if you need anything at all! Mind yourselves, stay safe and let’s have a smashing year.

Caitlin Connor, Vice President for Student Engagement, DKITSU

M: 089 4022444 | E:





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